Quality content not viral


When brands set out to create something viral they almost always fail; it’s virtually impossible to guarantee something will take over the web. A combination of timing, relevant messaging and the right audience are the attributes of an internet sensation.

Making something go ‘viral’ is a term often thrown around by marketeers without a true understanding of the importance of creating engaging content.

For people like me (whose job it is to create compelling content) one of the most exciting things about the internet is when an idea takes off and you’ve succeeded in creating something that resonates with people so much that they want to spread the word.

If we think back we’ll all have those memorable moments when we’ve just had to share a piece of content: Gangnam Style, the dancing baby video or Old Spice to name just a few. What ‘viral’ successes all have in common is the ability to create something that speaks directly to you.

The challenge for marketeers lies with the quality of the content and the ability to create an initiative that will get people to spread your ideas and share your stories. There is a task (and requirement) to take this beyond a viral short term wonder. Considerations should be incorporated into your day to day social media strategy to ensure that you’re building a strong online community by creating quality content that is targeted to the right people every day.

In summary, creating viral content, a buzz online or whatever you want to call it, is essentially about creating something that valuable that people want to share, or as Dan Greenberg of Sharethrough — a company that seeds viral videos for brands — puts it: “Brands don’t make viral videos, users make videos viral.”


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