You know you’ve been away for too long when you can’t even remember your blog log in details. There’s no excuse so I’m not even going to write one. Just the usual to blame: work, eat, sleep, repeat. My current client roster of no less than 15 accounts is certainly keeping me busy. I’m not […]

Handy presentation for any PR / digital marketeer.

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence; I can’t quite believe more than a month has passed since my last post. Before I even start to browse the Internet or soak up what’s trending across social media on a typical day more than 20 industry trend / media enewsletters drop into my inbox. Now I’m not […]

Hey, reader, so you want to work in PR….read on. Today I was invited to attend the Tremough Campus and give Falmouth and Exeter University students a presentation about working in a PR agency and tips for getting into the industry. Whilst it’s fresh in my mind I wanted to dedicate my latest post to […]

Second day back after Christmas: extensive national picture desk sell in. There’s nothing like getting straight back to it and the start of 2014 was no exception. The annual flower count on Tresco island’s Abbey Garden in the Isles of Scilly is an tradition that dates back 150 years. Every new year the island’s gardeners […]

As New Year’s Eve is fast approaching I’ve been reflecting on 2013 and wondering what 2014 will bring, or what I can help make happen. This year has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting on both a personal and a career/ work level. 2013 was the year I married and got the change to […]

The Hub Awards took place on Thursday November 28, it was the day that more than six month’s of hard (free) graft came to fruition. More than 120 people from across Cornwall’s business community gathered at The Alverton in Truro to hear the winners of six categories announced. I’ve been on the Hub committee (as […]